MIL on with DTC P0087 – Fuel Rail Pressure (FRP) Too Low – 2011-2014 Kia

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This bulletin provides information related to some Optima (TF/QF), Sportage (SL), Sorento (XM) and Cadenza (VG) vehicles, which may experience a malfunction indicator lamp (MIL) illuminated with the ECM (Electronic Control Module) system-related DTC P0087. To correct this concern, follow the procedure outlined in this bulletin and, if necessary, replace the high pressure fuel pump, fuel delivery pipe and mounting bolts.


DTC P0087 – Fuel Rail Pressure (FRP) Too Low

High Pressure Fuel Pump



Refer to TSB ENG 083 for more details on GDI high pressure system handling procedures and fuel pump replacement, and the need to replace additional (one time use) hardware when the high pressure fuel pump is replaced.


Diagnosis Procedure:


The following diagnostic and service procedures apply only to vehicles with MIL on and
DTC P0087 (stored).


  1. Check for other DTCs that would point to the low pressure fuel pump or fuel pressure sensor. Correct and repair as required.
  2. Inspect the electrical connections at both the pump and the fuel pressure sensor.
    • On 3.3L GDI equipped vehicles, check connector CC22B.

connector CC22B


  • On 2.0L and 2.4L GDI equipped vehicles, check connector CHGINJ (12-BLK).

connector CHGINJ (12-BLK)


  1. Check the fuel line connections on the low pressure side and use a gauge to manually check primary fuel pressure from the main pump.
  2. If fuel pressure is within specification and all connections are secure, proceed to the service procedure on Page 3.


Service Procedure:

  1. Replace the high pressure fuel pump per applicable procedure on KGIS.

High Pressure Fuel Pump



To avoid a possible fuel leaks, do not  reuse the high pressure fuel delivery  pipe.      


Refer to TSB ENG 083 for more details on GDI high pressure system handling  procedures and fuel pump replacement, and the additional (one time use) hardware need to replace when the high pressure fuel pump is  replaced.

Also, the Service Information on KGIS  will be updated in the near future.




Allow the vehicle to rest for a period of time before removing the high pressure fuel pump, delivery pipe or  injector. Otherwise, serious injury may result from high pressure fuel spray.



Part Number Figure Comments
09314-3Q100 09314-3Q100 4 Cyl.



Refer to EPC catalog.



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