Passenger Seat not as Warm as the Driver’s Seat – 2011-2013 Kia Sorento

TT046   TECH TIP: Passenger seat not as warm as the driver’s seat Symptom: Some customers may complain that the passenger front seat heater does not get as warm as the driver’s seat.   Repair: There will be a difference in temperature between the RH and LH cushions. The same heaters are used in the cushions of both seats, … Read more

Customer Tips – 2013 Kia Sorento

PS229   SUBJECT: 2013 KIA SORENTO CUSTOMER TIPS   In an effort to better educate and familiarize customers about some of the features in their recently purchased 2013 Kia vehicle, Kia Motors America would like all dealership service personnel to be familiar with the model tips outlined here to help maximize owner satisfaction with certain features. … Read more

Moisture Present on Passenger Side Floor – 2012-2013 Kia Rio

PS244   SUBJECT: MOISTURE PRESENT ON PASSENGER SIDE FLOOR   If you encounter a customer complaint relating to moisture being present on the passenger side floor, check the evaporator lines as a possible source for the moisture. On some 2012-2013MY Rio vehicles, the evaporator lines may have been insulated with foam tubes that may not be adhering … Read more