VCMA Diagnosis - MIL On with DTC P200A - 2011-2013 Kia Sorento






This bulletin provides information for some 2011-2013MY Sorento (XMa) vehicles, equipped with a 3.5L MPI engine, which may exhibit a Malfunction Indicator Lamp (MIL) with DTC P200A, after engine startup. DTC P200A may be caused by an inoperative VCM actuator, or by an inoperative valve linkage inside the intake manifold assembly. If the VCMA or the valve linkage is inoperative, the ECM may not be able to correctly control the intake path of air into the engine. Follow the procedures outlined in this bulletin to diagnose and correct the concern.

DTC P200A Intake Manifold Runner Performance


Variable Charge Motion Actuator (VCMA)Variable Charge Motion Actuator (VCMA)



  1. Open the hood and remove the engine cover.
  2. Turn the ignition “ON” and check for the presence of the Malfunction Indicator Lamp (MIL) illuminated on the dash.
  3. Connect the power supply cable to the GDS tool.
  4. Connect the USB cable between the VCI and the GDS tool.
  5. Connect the Main 16-pin DLC cable (GHDM – 241000) to the VCI.
  6. Connect the Main 16-pin DLC cable (GHDM – 241000) to the OBD-II connector, located under the driver's side of the instrument panel.
  7. With the ignition key ON, turn “ON” the VCI and GDS tool. Access the GDS vehicle identification number (VIN) screen and configure the vehicle using the VIN AUTO DETECT Function.
  8. Select  ENGINE  system  and  click OK.
  9. Click on Current Data.
  10. Click on DTC Analysis and check for the presence of DTC P200A.
  11. Select Current Data > Actuation Test > VCM Motor.
    • Use the START and STOP buttons to activate the VCMA.
    • Visually check VCMA activation under the hood.
  12. If the VCMA activates, no further action on the VCMA is required. Proceed to step 14.
  13. If the VCMA does not activate, replace it by referring to the applicable Service Manual on KGIS. Proceed to step 14 for additional testing of the valve linkage.
  14. After successfully testing the actuation of the VCMA, or replacing the VCMA, select Data Analysis > Current Data > Actuation Test to actuate the valve linkage.



  1. Check the box for VPS Scaled Position and click on the Start and Stop buttons.


Displayed values for the valve linkage test will vary from vehicle to vehicle.


  1. Perform the valve linkage actuation test a total of three (3) times. Record and compare the actual values displayed to the specification values shown in the table below.



Specification Values
Stopped Active
90% (±10%) 25% (±10%)


  1. If the values are within specification, no further action is required. If there is no change in the values, replace the lower intake manifold assembly by referring to the applicable Service Manual on KGIS.
  2. Reinstall all other removed components.
  3. Perform a VCMA relearn procedure as outlined below, otherwise, DTC P200A may recur.
    •   Turn OFF the ignition switch
    • Connect GDS to the Data Link Connector (DLC)
    • Turn the ignition switch ON
    • Select the “Vehicle”, “Model year”, “Engine” and “System”
    • Select the “Vehicle S/W Management”
    • Select “Inspection/Test”
    • Select “Inspection/Test”




  • Perform the VCM learning procedure according to the message on the GDS screen.



  • Follow the on-screen instructions to finalize the test.

VCMA Assembly


  1. Clear DTC(s) if present.
  2. Test drive the vehicle for two drive cycles in order to verify normal operation and no recurrence of MIL on.




Model Production Date Range
Sorento (XMa) 2011-2013MY



Part Name Part Number Figure
VCMA Assembly 28320-3C000 VCMA Assembly
Intake Manifold Assembly 28310-3CAA0 Intake Manifold Assembly


Download (PDF, 991KB)



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