Front Door Glass Run Channel Replacement – 2006-2014 Kia Sedona

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This bulletin provides information on some Sedona (VQ) vehicles, produced from June 15, 2005 through May 06, 2013, which may experience wind noise coming from the front door window/door frame area, at highway speeds, and/or glass run channel deformation caused by improper sealing of the front windows. To correct this concern, follow the procedure outlined in this bulletin to replace the left and right side front door glass run channels. See the table below to properly identify the left and right hand run channels.


For vehicles not on the Affected Vehicles list, but with a customer concern as described above, perform  the following procedure outlined in this bulletin and submit a warranty claim per “customer concern”  (Standard TSB) claim information on page 5.


Left Hand (LH)
(P/N 82530-4D001QQK)
Right Hand (RH)
(P/N 82540-4D001QQK)
Left Hand (LH) (P/N 82530-4D001QQK) Right Hand (RH) (P/N 82540-4D001QQK)



Vehicles previously repaired using the service procedure and parts as outlined in TSB BOD 101 do not require any repairs under this TSB.



A Service Action is a repair program without customer notification that is performed during the warranty period. Any dealer requesting to perform this repair outside the warranty period will require DPSM approval.

Repair status for a VIN is provided on WebDCS (Service> Warranty Coverage> Warranty Coverage Inquiry> Campaign Information). Not completed Recall / Service Action reports are available on WebDCS (Consumer Affairs> Not Completed Recall> Recall VIN> Select Report), which includes a list of affected vehicles.

This issue number is SA167.


Service Procedure:

  1. Lower the driver’s side window.
  2. Remove the quadrant inner cover (A) from the driver’s door.

quadrant inner cover (A)



Exercise caution when removing the quadrant inner cover as it can be easily damaged.


  1. Remove the door panel (B) by referring to the Service Information on KGIS.

door panel (B)


  1. Remove three (3) bolts (C) securing the side view mirror. Also, make sure to  remove two (2) screws (D) securing the weatherstrip to the door frame and to  disconnect the side view mirror connector.

side view mirror


  1. Remove the run channel from the vehicle.
  2. Partially remove the moisture barrier  (E) from the door skin.

moisture barrier (E)


  1. Temporarily re-attach the window switch connector to the door panel. Then, raise the glass until the bolts securing the glass are visible through the mounting holes (F).

bolts securing the glass are visible through the mounting holes (F)


  1. Remove two (2) bolts (G) securing the glass to the window mechanism (H) and remove the glass from the door.

(2) bolts (G)


  1. Before installing the new run channel,  make sure to cut-off the projection (I)  with a sharp blade, as shown.

cut-off the projection (I)



Be careful not to damage the run  channel when cutting off the projection (I).

  1. Carefully install the run channel (J) around the window frame.

run channel (J)




Check   the run channel for proper installation in order to prevent possible water intrusion into the vehicle.

  1. Install all other removed components by  reversing the order of removal.



When reinserting the glass (K) into  the door, avoid dropping the glass  or scratching the glass surface.

glass (K)


  1. Operate the window to verify proper operation.
  2. Repeat the steps above to install the glass run channel on the opposite side of the vehicle.



Part Name Part No. Qty.
Run Assy. Front Door Window Glass 82540-4D001QQK (RH) 1
82530-4D001QQK (LH) 1



Model Production Date Range
Sedona (VQ) From June 15, 2005 through May 06, 2013


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