Smart Liftgate Operation – 2015 Kia Sedona

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The all-new 2015MY Sedona comes equipped with an optional Power Liftgate. When the  Smart Key fob is in your pocket or purse and you are near the back of the vehicle and within  close proximity for about 3 seconds, the hazard lights will blink and a chime will sound for   about 3 seconds as an alert that the Power Liftgate is about to open. Then, the alert system  will blink and chime two additional times before opening the Power Liftgate. The Smart Liftgate   feature is  off by default. To enable the Smart Liftgate, go to User Settings in the LCD  Instrument Cluster modes.


Smart Liftgate


Enable Conditions:

  • All doors must be closed and locked for about 15 seconds
  • If the POWER DOOR OFF button is depressed, the Smart Liftgate will not operate.
  • The Smart Liftgate feature also will not operate when:
    • The doors are recently closed and locked, and the Smart Key is still detected after 15 seconds near the vehicle or within 60 inches of the door handles
    • A door is not locked or closed
    • The Smart Key is in the vehicle



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