Services and Products not Recommended by Kia

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Services and Products not Recommended by Kia


This bulletin provides information relating to certain services and practices not recommended by Kia, that can have adverse consequences while providing little, if any, appreciable benefit to our customers. providing aftermarket additives/conditioners and products or services that are not recommended by Kia, including flushing lubricating oil and hydraulic fluid systems, increases vehicle maintenance expenses and overall cost of ownership, while possibly reducing your dealer’s long-term opportunities to perform required vehicle maintenance.


Following are several examples of non–recommended procedures and products, as well as Kia’s recommendation for appropriate actions:


  1. Scheduled Maintenance Intervals:

The Kia owner’s manual identifies “Normal” and “Severe” maintenance schedules: recommending oil changes or other maintenance or preventative services at more frequent intervals is not necessary and increases the cost of Kia ownership. The “Normal” maintenance schedule is applicable to most Kia vehicles in use in the united States.


  1. Fuel Injection (Induction) Cleaning / Flushing:

This is not a Kia recommended or required maintenance procedure. Targeted cleaning should be used if, due to unusual circumstances, the system has found to be contaminated. If a vehicle is experiencing fuel system contamination it should be diagnosed and repaired following factory recommended procedures. refer to TSB Fuel 010 for Throttle Body Cleaning. For instances where the Kia recommended fuel (a TOP TIER Detergent Gasoline) is not available/not used, see information about Kia’s recommended fuel additive in TSB Fuel 022 and below:

TECHRON Concentrate Plus Fuel System Cleaner is now Kia-approved and recommended for complete fuel system cleaning during routine service intervals as preventative maintenance (for late model vehicles, refer the vehicle owner to the maintenance section of the owner’s manual). A 12-ounce bottle will safely treat up to 12 gallons of gasoline, and can be used in all gasoline engine types, including mpI or gdI systems. TECHRON Concentrate Plus Fuel System Cleaner should be used at every standard oil change interval (7500) miles, if Top TIer detergent gasoline is not available. TECHRON Concentrate Plus Fuel System Cleaner effectively cleans fuel injectors, intake valves, combustion chambers, and protects critical fuel system components from corrosion and sulfur content in fuel. This product will not harm emission control systems and will not leave behind harmful combustion chamber deposits.


  1. Flushes/Additives/Conditioners for:

May cause and/or contribute to component failures and any expense to repair those components, following such non-recommended flushes/additives, would not be covered by the Kia warranty. Today’s lubricating oils and Automatic Transmission Fluids are engineered to provide full protection in between the Kia recommended oil changes and do not require additives.


  1. Brake Fluid Flush:

Brake fluid should only be replaced during certain brake system repairs or as recommended in the maintenance schedule in the Kia owner’s manual. more frequent replacing or system flushing is not necessary and not recommended.


  1. Nitrogen Tire Fill:

This service appears to add little, if any, appreciable value to Kia customers. Tires should be filled with dry compressed air using the specifications listed on the driver’s door jamb plate or in the Kia owner’s manual. dry compressed air already contains approximately 80% nitrogen. Keeping tires properly inflated with dry compressed air is sufficient to keep the tires in good condition throughout their useful wear life.

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